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Racking Systems


Conventional pallet racking, is the most common used warehouse storage system enabling to store all kinds of products.

Hooked beam design allows easily adjusting of the level heights.

Within the system pallet storage and order picking can be done with the same construction.

The layout and height of the racking system is determined by; the products to be stored, the warehouse space and the forklifts to be used. 

heavy duty rack
mezzanine rack


Mezzanine Racking is a special designed multi tier system allowing to create additional workspace within the warehouse by using heavy or light duty shelving systems with combination of accessories like walkways, railings, stairs, loading doors etc.

According to need, shelf levels and walkways can be covered using plywood, steel grating, MDF, chipboard, platform sheet etc.

Mezzanine floors are totally dismountable and re-usable, and their structure, dimensions and location are easily modifiable.

For the storage of long, bulky and products of different sizes, especially pipes, bars, profiles, boards etc. cantilever racking system is the most appropriate option.
Cantilever racking system is designed with different materials according to the weight of the goods to be stored.
Cantilever racking systems consist of console arms bolted to the vertical structural column and strengthened with bracings.
Cantilever racking systems can be adjusted at any time to the desired length with the use of additional elements.
Cantilever racking system can be used as single-sided or double-sided and can be adjusted according to the height and weight of products to be stored.
cantilever rack
silo rack clad
Rack Clad Buildings, with the other name SILO, are special designed racking system that integrates the racking as a supporting structure of the whole construction.
As the racking members meet the need of supporting columns, space losses arising from the use of columns and trusses are eliminated.​
Rack Clad Building provides great cost advantages as it do not require high levels of investment in construction.
The height of the rack clad buildings is restricted by local authorities and by the lifting height of the material handling equipment (stacker crane or forklift.
Thanks to the modular system of the rack clad building, moving the entire warehouse to another location or expanding it, is done easily


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