racking systems

pallet racking systems

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warehouse rack manufacturing

We realize the production of our products in our contract manufacturing facility, which has a specialist staff of 70 people in a closed area of ​​22.000 m2 in Kayseri.

Our company continues to grow stronger with its production and technological investments in accordance with international standards.
Our goal is to reach all our customers in the shortest time possible with the export we have realized in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

warehouse rack manufacturer


It is our quality policy to determine the demands of our customers, to produce alternative projects that provide the highest level of benefits, and to provide the projects produced at the promised deadlines without compromising quality, and to provide service in case of need by making long-term follow-up when necessary.

warehouse rack manufacturer


Outside the limits of our customers 'expectations, our research and development activities are to produce and provide time-saving projects that make our customers' jobs easier and time-saving without sacrificing world-class quality.

Our main mission is becoming a pioneer company conforming to the innovations and changes that will improve the competitiveness of the industries we serve by respecting environmental values, committing to product and service quality, being open to developments, focusing on the success of human resources, providing satisfaction of all stakeholders.

warehouse shelf sale


With its wide range of modern roll form lines, new investment in welding robots, powder painting line, decoration wood shop and much more, we aim to be among the preferred leading companies in the storage and shop fitting market.

shelf sale
To give free projects to all our customers and to work with international standard inputs on the products we use to inform.
It is our company's most important commitment to act within the legal framework in our commercial relations, to produce the most accurate solution to the customer expectations in the products offered to our customers, to act in a safe and correct manner by protecting the long-term benefits of our customers and employees.
rack sale
The modern production facility consist in slitting and cut to length lines, various production lines for manufacturing of open section profiles, diverse roll-form lines, 2 powder coating line (continuous & closed), mig-mag welding (arc welding) lines, our new invested robotic welding line, bending machines, different press lines, computer-assisted plasma punch line, supermarket shelves decoration wood shop.